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13-11-2017 - 01-12-2017
Sterling Afrika Conference Centre
Sterling Afrika Conference Centre
1185 Park St, Hatfield, Pretoria, 0028, South Africa

sterling stock exchange introCourse Objectives

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Value Assets Such As Stocks And Bonds And Manage Investment Portfolios.
  • Optimally Diversify And Allocate Investments Into Stock And Bond Portfolios In Accordance With A Client’s Risk Preferences.
  • Adjust The Value Of An Asset To Take Into Account The Riskiness Of The Asset.
  • Understand And Critically Evaluate Investment Advice From Brokers And The Financial Press.
  • Define Var And Explain How It Is Used To Quantify Risk
  • Measure Value At Risk Using Various Methods
  • Familiarize Yourself With The Profile Of Major Vendors Of Risk Management Systems Available In The Market
  • Understand The Benefits Of Stress Testing As A Complement To Var
  • Apply Var Into The Context Of Managing Capital And Making Strategic Decisions Such As Capital Allocation
R40,500.00 34

20-11-2017 - 24-11-2017
Premier Hotel, Pretoria
Premier Hotel, Pretoria
573 Stanza Bopape St, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0007, South Africa

sterling audit introCouse Objectives

What will you learn in this Workshop?

  • What are the concept, purpose and benefit of performance audits?
  • What are the practical aspects and challenges in the work of performance auditors?
  • How to plan, prepare and organise performance audits
  • How to define the scope and design of a performance audit
  • What is the methodology for undertaking performance audits?
  • How can performance auditing be used in the state administration, governmental agencies or international organisations?
  • How to use control measures
  • What is the best way to make use of audit findings?
R14,999.00 35

20-11-2017 - 24-11-2017
Protea Hatfield Hotel
Protea Hatfield Hotel
1141 Burnett St, Hatfield, Pretoria, 0083, South Africa

sterling it security introCourse Outcomes:

  • Discussing Approved Risk Analysis Methods
  • Establishing the Risk Analysis Process
  • Highlighting Asset Characterization and Identification
  • Reviewing the Vulnerability Assessment Model
  • Evaluating Effectiveness of Existing Security Measures
  • Estimating Terrorism Asset Target Value
  • Prioritizing Risk
  • Determining Security Policy and Countermeasure Goals
  • Developing and Introducing Security Policies
  • Countermeasure Selection and Budgeting Tools
  • Analysing the Security Program Effectively
R17,999.00 34

20-11-2017 - 24-11-2017
Versailles Hotel, Dubai
Versailles Hotel, Dubai
15th Street, Al Rigga, Deira - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

sterling governance introCourse Overview

Leadership in organisations has overriding duty to stakeholders and the general public to ensure that a spirit of good governance is inculcated in all levels of management. As the public/private sector character and attributes continue to evolve globally, the notions of accountability, sustainability, transparency and corporate citizenship are identified as the pivot around which public management and good governance revolve.

This workshop will provide insight into the King IV Report on Corporate Governance by introducing various amendments and enhancements to its predecessor, the King Ill Report resulting in enhanced corporate governance through, inter alia, the increased involvement of stakeholders, the requirements for the independence of directors, increased disclosures of information by companies and the alignment of the management of group companies.

R29,999.00 34

04-12-2017 - 08-12-2017
Protea Hatfield Hotel
Protea Hatfield Hotel
1141 Burnett St, Hatfield, Pretoria, 0083, South Africa

sterling audit forensic introWorkshop Overview

Within the recent past Government, large organizations, banks, and small businesses have become victims of the scourge of Economic crime in document and cheque fraud, wire frauds and various types of business frauds. These frauds have resulted in the loss of funds from tens of thousands to multi-million dollar losses. With continual digitization of financial records and transactions, fraud prevention and detection is set to be more challenging.

R16,999.00 35

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